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Artist Statement


Basically l am an Urban photographer.  l love the city, its 

people and it’s Architecture. The high-rise buildings with glass and chrome create wonderful distorted reflections.. People are intriguing with their colorful personalities and actions. The city has everything for me – Architecture, People and even Nature.

When l stroll in the streets with my camera anywhere in the world, l try to capture moments and episodes that will never come back.


When l discovered the digital camera and the software to go with, l became addicted to this medium and its vast possibilities.


The photograph for me like is the canvas for a painter: I add or subtract from the photograph and create what I see in my mind’s eye. 


My photographs reflect my moods, and life around me, be it private or general.


Even though it is difficult today to create something totally new, still every artist has something unique only to him. 


I hope that my art, or at least my eye, are unique only to myself.


Shifra Levyathan 

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